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As this page is only for people who’ve already TRIED using the Law of Attraction…

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How would you like to be able to go on a first-class vacation anywhere in the world and NOT worry about the cost?


How would you like to be able to pick up the phone and order ANY car from your local car dealership and have it DELEVERED directly to your home paying 100% cash from your bank account?

And how would you like to be able to purchase that magnificent home you’ve always imagined yourself in and not even think about the cost?

Almost everyone had to start at the bottom, but it
doesn’t matter where you are right now.

While you may believe this technique is irrational, I can assure you, it WILL work for you, just like it has for me and my family and over 7,000 others, all in the last two years since it was produced.

This is not some “wishful thinking” or “Pie-in the sky” mumbo-jumbo, but a scientifically proven logical blue print…
That is the missing link that makes the Law of Attraction personalized just for YOU.

However, there is one thing you MUST understand…

If there are parts of your life such as love, health, money or your life’s purpose that are not clear and abundant, it’s not your fault and there are many, many other people in the same place as you.
What makes YOU different is that you are TAKING THE TIME right now to do something about your life to MAKE IT BETTER.

The fact is, you,ve been ROBBED by the current culture we live,
in from your life’s natural, incredible abundance
STOLEN from you…

loaSTOLEN by out-of-shape, broke “teachers” who never alerted you to the "Missing Link" required to personalize the Law of Attraction so it works for exactly who YOU are.

Most of the “teachers” of the “Law of Attraction” were never taught by REAL masters of the technique.

Yet, my years of studying with TOP masters as well as working and perfecting this technique turned things around for me so fast that I knew I had created something of truly lasting value.

The “Missing-Link” was the one Piece I needed to make it all fit together for me.

The knowledge and technique I had been missing finally came to me and allowed me to shift from stress and empty results to getting quick changes in my life that were permanent.

I want to make it plainly obvious to you that this is not some gimmick or fantasy-thinking. It’s the one humble technique that’s allowed me to personalize the Law of Attraction so it works SPECIFICALLY for EACH individual.

So you can now use this successful, proven
new method to cause the Universe to
fulfill your deepest desires.

chakraAnd start living life to its fullest, reaching all of the dreams you KNOW you have the potential to achieve.

Have your life unfold in the way that gives you the Happiness, Joy and Freedom, you KNOW are deep down within you.

So, I ‘m going to give you this Missing Link now that allows you to make the Law of Attraction PERSONALIZED just for you.

Firstly, however, it is important that you know a little about me, and why you need a PERSONALIZED version of the Law of Attraction to TRULY make it work for you.


Hi, my name is Albert Corey and my story, though horribly embarrassing for me to share with you now, is CRITICAL for you to understand the correct way to PERSONALIZE The Law of Attraction so it works quickly and easily to create the life you want now.

I didn’t always have this level of abundance.

In fact, I didn’t start out owning a top accounting firm with 8 fulltime employees. And I wasn’t born being an expert public speaker and success coach.

In fact, I started out not too many years ago just like where YOU maybe are right now.

I was told my entire life that I was never good enough for whatever I wanted to do and could never do things right. I was the Guy who they said was too stupid to go to law school.

Then, after college I couldn’t find a job anywhere and I had this guy do my taxes for me and he charged me over $250 which at the time I thought was outrageously expensive.
So I took a tax preparation course and got hired at H&R Block doing taxes for other people. And then they fired me after telling me I wasn’t even bright enough for THAT job.

However, I saw people all around me struggling and fighting hard to make a living, so that’s what I did because that was all that I knew.

  • A happy relationship with a successful good-looking young entrepreneur
  • Earning more money than most of her friends
  • A happy relationship with a successful good-looking young entrepreneur
  • A new house in a great area of town
  • Good friends, good social life, good health…

You’d think that woman must be pretty happy, right?

Now, take that woman and…

  • Put her on medication for anxiety and depression
  • Make her work 60 hours a week
  • Give her a few wrinkles and lines between her eyes from scowling all the time
  • Give her about $18,000 worth of personal debt
  • Make her wake up every morning with a bone-deep sense of anxiety, and sore jaw muscles from grinding her teeth all night
  • Make her worry about her weight, and spend each weekend feeling tired, burned out, and frazzled
  • Give her a relationship that seems happy, yet is frayed around the edges from too much stress, and not enough fun

That woman was me… Just 12 months ago.

See, I had a decent job, and I worked hard. But I was raised to believe that good things come from those who work their asses off… And that opportunity looks a lot like hard work.

I tried to double my effort, over and over.

stressed-bussinesswomanBut I knew deep down there was something misplaced in me. Something I could sense within me that would allow me to create the life I wanted, but I just couldn’t put my finger on. It seemed the harder I worked, the more I got behind.

I never wanted to be a trillionaire, but it seemed I was always scrimping and saving for every last dime.

I was giving it my best, but that never seemed to be good enough. And there was no shortage of people willing to let me know THEIR negative opinions of me.

And yet the worst part for me was seeing so many other people doing so much less work while getting rich, and making it all look so easy.
I couldn’t help wondering why some people stumble and fall while others seem to have everything?

I talked to some of the great business leaders and spiritual people I met along my journey and would not let go of the idea of finding out what was the missing piece to the Law of Attraction that wasn’t working for me.

I had read a few books on manifesting but could never quite seem to get anything out of them. Sure the small things I could manifest, but I was never sure if that was me manifesting or just dumb luck.

butterflyI had to know “the Secret” to “The Secret,” so I could use it in MY life, the way I saw so many other people around me use it with ease to make themselves rich and attract a mate the truly desired while living in excellent health.

It just felt so unfair.

I read those Law of Attraction books over and over until the pages were crinkled and worn. I followed the “manifesting” instructions EXACTLY as they were taught, and yet STILL I never got the results I wanted.

It’s in my personality to question everything, and some of the stuff in those books was quite fishy, but I pushed on and did exactly what they suggested, figuring I had nothing to lose as I had to keep going to work each day to pay my bills.

Time continued to go by, first a few weeks, then a few months, then eight months… I followed all of the instructions right down to the last letter, yet nothing happened.

But I wouldn’t let it go. I had to know what her secret was… So I could use it in MY life, the way she used it in hers.

So finally, with a slight smile, my boss said “Wait there”. She went into her office, rummaged around in a drawer, and came back holding a book.

It’s pretty famous, you might have heard of it. It was all about the Law of Attraction and how to use manifestation to get the life you want.

Then she told me “Heather, all you have to do is read this book cover to cover, and do EXACTLY what it says”.

Now I am by nature a pretty skeptical person, and I definitely don’t have much time for hocus pocus and wishful thinking… But I figured, what have I got to lose?

So I read the book, and I followed the instructions step-by-step. Three months went by, then six months… I was following all of the instructions right down to the letter, yet nothing was happening.

And every day I was barely making ends meet, while those around me were accumulating wealth and working even LESS than me.

Speaking with some of my mentors and teachers I told them that I had done exactly as the books said and that it DID NOT WORK FOR ME.

I kept wondering WHAT IS MY PROBLEM

My teachers tried to help me but said they had no idea what the problem was. “Maybe you just need to work harder Albert,” was all they ever said to me.

I was so upset, I felt like I was about to shake myself apart, I was so filled with stress and frustration. I had being doing everything correctly, and yet I still got NO results.

However deep down in the center of my being, I KNEW I was almost there.

I knew somehow, someway, if I could just do it the RIGHT way, manifesting would work for me.

I went online to some of the Internet forums with tons of people that practice The Law of Attraction on a regular basis and was surprised to find that many of them had the same bad results as I did.

They assured me that they too believed in the Law of Attraction, and had also spent hours and hours trying to manifest with no result

I was told by more than a few of them that they honestly believed in the power of the Universe to improve their lives, yet nothing they did made any difference at all.

Many wrote back to let me know they felt ridiculous, resentful and even embarrassed in front of their friends and families for all the work they had put in with nothing to show for it.

I ended up with a sense of hopelessness in my heart, as I thought I’d reached my defeat.

The only thing I knew to do was to keep multiplying my efforts and do more than I ever had done before to keep working and get all my bills paid. But in the back of my head was a little voice that told me this really wasn’t truly the way to get ahead in life and enjoy the life I always knew should be mine.

However, no other solutions came. “Work harder” was the only answer I’d ever been taught.

I had no other knowledge, no other method to try. I was near my breaking point. I did everything those crazy “guru” types had told me to do and ended up with absolutely NOTHING but empty pockets and lost sweat and tears.

Nevertheless, at the very end of my soul I still expected a mysterious force to come in and save me.

Then on a cold night in November, my life changed forever.

I was at an event with my close friend Derrick, a professional Internet marketer and all around great guy.

I hung out with Derrick because he always seemed to have some great insight when it came to sticky problems.
I had seen with my own eyes the way he was able to help people in many cases JUST BY LISTENING to them and being there for them in a non-judgmental way.

I had seen him more than a few times turn people lives around and give people solutions that would seem to be way out of left field, but worked wonders for these people.
I took him aside at the conference we were attending and pleaded with him. “Derrick, I am so fed up with trying this Law of Attraction stuff and no matter WHAT I do, I can’t seem to make it work.

flower-sunWhat do I need to do differently to have some of the success I see you, and so many others have?

Derrick led me to a corner of the conference and sat me down very close to him and started talking in a very serious, but quiet tone of voice that was so low I had to lean all the way in to hear him.

“Albert,” he said, “You have always believed that the more effort you put in the bigger your pay off.”
“And you continue to slave away for the smallest of crumbs. You keep thinking that the Secret to The Secret is more exertion and more fighting for what you desire. You think you need to hustle more and grind away to reach your goals.”

“As I have mentioned to your before Albert, you will find that often it is those that sweat the MOST end up with the thinnest slice of pie. Think of all the road workers you see doing back-breaking work on a hot summer day with a pick-axe and shovel.

Yet the people that KNOW how to manifest, seem to do it almost effortlessly.

With a sinking heart, I felt I’d reached a dead end.

He lowered his voice even more so I had to lean all the way in to where I was almost touching him.
You have made no real progress in your life for such a long time now, you work harder, yet nothing seems to come from it. However, we have all met people who seem to automatically attract everything they want, like they were BORN knowing how to manifest.

“But as I’ve mentioned to you, I am not one of them. I had to LEARN the way to captivate MY OWN mind and body to make it manifest everything I wanted and needed, and you are the same way.

I needed the special element to go from where I was when I was struggling to where I am now.
I was totally enraged now.

“WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME ALL THIS BEFORE,!” I said angrily to my friend.


Then, one Wednesday night in October, everything changed.

hands-holding“Well Albert, if I had told you before you would have not been ready to listen.  But now that you are at your BOTTOM and have TRIED to do it YOUR way and discovered that your way DID NOT WORK, you may be ready to listen to the truth now.

“Now if you think you a ready to give up the entire struggle, give up all the fighting and do what it REALLY takes to manifest the life you DESERVE then follow this exact roadmap.

We got up and walked around to get some drinks. A few minutes later sat back down again in another quiet corner of the convention center. Derrick took out a pad of paper and a pencil and sketched out EVERYTHING I needed to know in pure black and white.

It was so eerie. IT was like something shifted in my mind and I could almost tell what Derrick was going to say BEFORE he said the next word.

Things seem to open up and I felt for the first time the way Derrick was explaining the missing ingredient, that the Law of Attraction WOULD work for me.

He went over step-by-step where I had been making my mistakes and showed me exactly why all the “manifesting gurus” give advice that usually NEVER works for normal people like me.

Derrick showed me piece-by-piece what I had been overlooking and where I had been neglecting the most important part. And very significantly he told me the one thing I needed to do to put the last piece of the puzzle together.

The funny thing is, in the end, it all boiled down to one little element. An easy mental procedure that everyone can copy, however, it was that one thing that was enough to shift everything in the way I thought about manifesting.

A wave of joy came over me as it all began to make sense. I could feel in my bones that this was the missing piece that pulled it all together. And it all focused in on this on mental procedure. It was something I could tell would work for ANYONE, at ALL times.

I call it the Golden Mind Force.

The Golden Mind Force one element that is the most important for YOU to get whatever it is you desire.

The reason it is so important is that this one element lies behind ALL of the laws in the Universe.

And when you get in the flow with the power of this rule aligned with your vision you will create a life for you and your family that is EXACTLY the way you want it.

“But people like you and me, we’re different. We need the MAGIC INGREDIENT that the naturals don’t even realize they have.”

hearthandOpportunities will start coming TO YOU. You will be IN THE FLOW on a regular basis.
Using this mental procedure MAKES the universe give you what you desire, while NOT using it practically assures you will FAIL

This is the only way to align yourself with the power of the Universe and put yourself in a state of FLOW where things happen because you DESIRE them to happen.

Having Derrick tell me this last part of what I needed to do gave me a rush of energy that set me on my way. After listening to him, I knew EXACTLY which direction I had to take my life in. I became filled with vitality and drive and started immediately to change my life in all the ways I always knew I could.

My life changed so fast that I was stunned at how quickly this worked for me. The success that had been so hard for me to find started coming my way in droves.

The people, places and things that I needed to accomplish my goals literally started falling into my direction.
Finally I felt like the floodgates that had been holding me back for so long were finally opened and my REAL life started to flow in place of the STUCK place I once lived


Over 7,192 People In 35 Countries Are Getting Results With Golden Mind Force!

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Suzzanne M. Seattle, Washington

Albert, Thanks so much for Golden Mind Force. I had tried a few other products, but yours was the simplest and easiest one for me to use. It really helped me get past those limitations that were holding me back.



Robert D. Houston, Texas

The best part for me was the FAST results. Like you said, I DID see results in JUST TWO DAYS. I had a real change in my thinking which allowed me to get exactly what I was trying to achieve with my job. THANKS!



Cindy S. Boston, Mass.

I really like the bonuses and even the special UNADVERTISED Bonuses that you included. I gave them to my wife and they have helped her tremendously as well. I can really thank you for over delivering, and I have told a few of my friends about The Golden Mind Force already.




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